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Pirate Ship Lost Treasure Excursion
Vendor: Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures
Category: Sail/Scenic Cruise
Location: Hawaii-Oahu

Lost Treasure Excursion

Fully grown landlubbers, join in the action or relax and enjoy the show and watch out for mermaids while snacking on our healthy sandwich bar.

Smaller buccaneers, with their complimentary bandana and eye-patch, partake in Pirate games, combat training and a real life treasure hunt as they learn to live the life of a pirate. When a threat approaches, the merriment ceases and battle ensues. Accompanied by dramatic battle music and realistic sound effects, the little bucks will man our water blasting cannons to save the day.

This is a 90 minute high energy, interactive family cruise aboard our 83 foot black galleon pirate ship, "Treasure Seeker". During the cruise, guests will become part of the "crew", and be entertained by our own crew of comedic pirate performers, as they take in the beauty of the Waikiki shore line and Diamond Head. Under the command of our capable captain, guests will defend the ship with our dozen water firing, sound blasting cannons, and our smaller guests will be asked to help find and recover the treasure, hoisting it out of the ocean and sharing the booty among the crew.

Fun, excitement and celebrations abound as guests experience the life of a pirate. But beware - it's not all fun and games. If the captain feels that there's an uncooperative crew member aboard his ship, they might find themselves rotting away in the stocks, or making a trip to Davy Jones' locker!

Note: All passengers must arrive at gate; no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time. All group and/or private charters must be cancelled no later than 14 days prior to departure date, (or as indicated by contract). If cancellation occurs outside of these parameters a minimum 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Additional cruises may be added to the schedule subject to demand.

Transportation: Available from Waikiki only

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Adult (13+ Years) With Transtransportation$44.00
Child (3-12 Years) With Transtransportation$33.00
Infant (2 and under) With Transtransportation$0.00

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